Who we are ?

Katia Marchiori and Bruno Le Boulengé are the founders of the studio-shop "arqontanporin".

Bruno is self-taught and Katia, as Bruno often says: "has the qualification!" – a pretty piece of paper to show that she attended Liège Academy of Fine Arts. They live together and work together in Liège.

When they met, they discovered a synergy in their respective work; essentially, they like combining words and images.

During a trip to Figueras and a visit to the Dali museum, they were surprised to see just how passionate the visitors were about the works of art and how they wanted to prolong their enjoyment by purchasing reproductions to admire in their own homes. They were fascinated by the public’s eclecticism – art really does have a place in all of us.

With this awareness, they devised the concept for the gallery which would enable them to express their passion, to have total freedom in their artistic practice and to engage directly with the public. Their plan was to make art accessible to everyone.


Business hours

Tuesday to Saturday
from 10h - 18h

Monday: 13h - 18h

Sunday: 10h - 13h

In a charming pedestrianised street in the historic centre of Liege, "arqontanporin" was born in 2004. "En Neuvice” is the oldest shopping street in the town and was the first to be pedestrianised. As a result of the expansion of department stores in the 70s, traditional stores gradually closed down and when the gallery opened, only a few independent shops remained. Since then, this street has regained its vitality and newcomers have brought the shop windows back to life

Originally at number 52, the studio-shop has since moved to number 26; in this former leather-goods shop you will find a large number of colourful creations. If you push the door open, you will be able to see two artists at work in the studio area, tables disappearing under paint pots, paintings left to dry on shelves… The place is far from a traditional gallery, sharing none of its pristine orderliness. The walls are covered with original works; the shelves are decorated with painted sculptures. Each stage of the creative process for every project is on display for the visitors to see.

From one to another

To give a coherent framework to their joint work, Katia and Bruno created a basic model: first, a material, plexiglass, then the combination of a painting and a name. “From one to another" is derived from the desire to express their everyday experiences in one composition. In order to combine the expression of their two personalities, they had to imagine a unifying thread, a limitation which allows them to explore the whole range of pictoral styles while retaining a kind of harmony in the diversity.

This joint work has been given a poetic name: "From one to another”

From one to another because:

From Katia to Bruno,
From the painting to the name,
From one painting to another,
From day to day,
From the material to its shadow,
From the artist to the public,
From the giver to the receiver.

The paintings on plexiglass are made every day at the studio, no draft is done before the painting or drawing starts, each piece being, in some way, the draft version of the next. In their totality, they form a newspaper; the opinion pieces can be philosophical, funny, anecdotal, absurd, tender, and so on.

Their poetry tells a story and allows us to incorporate the paintings into our own life.